¡Bomba va!

¡Bomba va!

Altro (Nessun Genere o Tema Vario)

Changing formation that arises from the union between the Madrid singer-songwriter and interpreter Isidro Aublin -who tries to combine intimate texts with the essence of pop rock and the most significant features of other musical genres- and various musicians. In that union are the dramatic and ironic verses and the sincere and forceful melodies. Aublin's style is eclectic and not at all dogmatic. The influences, at a musical and inspirational level, are centered on several of the great rock authors (Lou Reed, David Bowie and Tom Waits are just some examples), although there is also in Isidro Aublin a complete absorption of genres of another type and very different from each other, such as folk, French song or melodic jazz. Aublin was born in Madrid in September 2008. A first version of the group entered the studio to record their first EP (Ausente, 2008). After several months of promotion, Isidro Aublin decides to go further and make his first LP with Paco Loco in production (Aublin, 2010). After a long period of searching, the singer-songwriter decides to produce his second LP (Educando a Nipper, 2017) himself, with Fernando Girón as co-producer. A few years later he does the same with his third LP (Holidays in the permafrost, 2021), a job in which he not only signs the production, but also the arrangements; on this occasion, the Madrilenian has Candy Caramelo as co-producer. The work is undoubtedly his most complete, mature and elaborate work.

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