Cosmic Desserts

Cosmic Desserts

Altro (Nessun Genere o Tema Vario)

This is a unique track that strives to invoke positive blissful emotions in the listener. I’ve dubbed the vocal style “ambient scat” because it’s a softer emotive style and has the “Dooby dooby doo” style of singing like Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald or Louis Armstrong. Not really rock or pop, it kinda fits somewhere between a fantasy soundtrack and an organic storytelling through music experience. It needs to be heard to be appreciated. This song would be appropriate for any type of sync licenses or played anywhere open positive vibes are welcomed.
TexMex Shaman, a project of musician Stephen Watkins, was founded in October 2018. TexMex Shaman offers a genre-defying sound that combines funk beats, intense guitar, smooth bass, and captivating samples into tracks that are at once familiar and novel.

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