"Don't mind the rain"

"Don't mind the rain"

Altro (Nessun Genere o Tema Vario)

Boston singer-songwriter and indie-pop artist Chris D’Agostino has released a new lo-fi indie single 'Don’t mind the rain'. The song is a vintage song composed in 1924 by Chester Conn and Ned Miller, and Chris has spun it in his own direction using all unique parts to his voice and creating an arrangement with beautiful instrumentals that support the soothing melody. Additionally, Chris transitioned the lyrics to give the song a feel-good vibe. Chris has added a jazz beat to the original version, and brought out the stunning melody through vocal layering and added riffs, embellishments and vocal mastery which showcases his expansive range and falsetto runs. He started with the choruses and moved to the verses where he added some rhythm changes and unique transitions.

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