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Anna Thompson

Anna Thompson is a rising pop artist from Seattle. When she was 16, Anna won a national talent competition and was offered a record deal from a major record label. Ultimately, the label had a change of heart, however, being told “you’re not famous enough” set Anna on a path to independently release her music and prove that having a million Instagram followers is not a prerequisite to success in the music industry. Since going independent, she has garnered a raving fanbase of almost 100k on Tik Tok, 40k on Instagram, and 13k on Spotify, where she has amassed well over a million streams. After fans feverishly begged her to release her viral TikTok song “Get Me High,” it’s been non-stop. Several of Anna’s tracks have gone viral on Tik Tok and she has received press from tastemakers around the world such as EUPHORIA. Magazine, IMIRAGE Magazine, The Honey Pop, and Vacancy Magazine.

“She’s a complete breath of fresh air in the industry and makes such insanely good music that we don’t know how we lived without it in our lives prior to now . . . Anna Thompson is the pop star of our damn dreams” - The Honey Pop


"With an undeniable talent for songwriting, a knack for a catchy pop vocal and a good grasp of social media, Anna has all the necessary skills to be a mainstream pop act" - Unrecorded


"Anna Thompson is an artist I am super excited about… I was surprisingly amazed by the amount of talent . . . Her voice is insanely incredible. It is soulful and powerful and this is what caught my attention in the first place." - Thread

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