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BIOGRAPHY Hemkah Dima aka Madikera, Born in St Denis, she took music theory and clarinet lessons until the age of 15 at the municipal conservatory of Saint-Denis. Surrounded by many musical influences, but with this weakness for rap, she turns to ragga and begins to write her first toasted texts on the benches of high school. She learned the techniques from Kris Daddy, who put her in touch with Ms Katana, who had become her sidekick for a long time. One thing led to another, she worked with Dj Scientifik, and appeared on the local dancehall compilation "Tune after tune 2", she toasted and sang in open mics and stages in Paris. She meets the artists of Black Tune Family and participates in compilations. She releases her first street album "love and love" in 2006, then decides to export to Martinique where she will have the opportunity to join a reggae live band "I Roots", and participate in a play "A thought on the city "in memory of Aimé Césaire, directed by Susy Singa. Also many other collaborations and connections to the West Indies. Back in Paris in 2010 she frequents the Parisian open scenes, does several Sound system scenes with Selecta Bada as an MC, meets BHR Prod, with whom she still works, she starts the original afro dance again and discovers Nyù Ngù with Stanne Gold Djemba and Pierre Dalarun, then she goes to the theater and takes lessons with Raymond Dikoumé. She released a project called "Over" in 2015 retracing the past decade in music with an acoustic rap reggae dancehall trap sound with many featuring (Majesty, Benejah, Kris Daddy, Katana, Sista Sony, Sista Rosta, Ursa Major Killa Beaz, Sista Jahan , Naby, and many others) Currently part of the Baryo Gang collective initiated by Kris Daddy, she appears on the latest dancehall reggae compilations such as Free Riddim 2 or Dj Kaprisson's "tchek la zik" compilations released from 2019 to 2021 The last artistic project in which she participated is "Emancipation", a stage creation by Sistreen Aurèle, a Hip-Hop dancer, in which Hemkah Dima tells us about the career of the breakeuse in slam. Adultera me continues to appear on compilations such as the last of Bhr prod released in June 2022 "Kool mood riddim" Musical projects are being created.

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