Soli all'Unanimità

Soli all'Unanimità

Altro (Nessun Genere o Tema Vario)

Second track "SOLI ALL'UNANIMITA'" in collaboration with Federica Tallinucci who interprets the track with sweetness and expressive sensitivity. The second work, which will accompany the EP "Effimero", is also available as the previous one from a video shot in the spring in the North Park of Milan. The track, written and engraved like the previous ones by Alessandro Tolone, in a commercial pop style is identified in the subset of Italian pop music. It tells of nostalgic thoughts of an elderly lady met in a retirement home and describes in a deep and passionate way her past and her present and compliant contradictions. An exciting 4-minute journey in which to immerse yourself and reflect. Inherent with his style, the track and the author involve the listener with classical arrangements of piano and orchestra that harmonize well with the choruses and a much more sustained ending with large carpets of electric guitar in a rock ballad style.

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